Mosquitoes, flies, ants, oh my!

By Pestech Pest Solutions

We know how much you enjoy being outside in the warm summer sun, or sitting outside by your favorite campfire. We also know that summer pests enjoy it, too!


Mosquitoes are considered summer’s most dangerous pest. Surprisingly, they can remain active as long as the temperature is above 60, yikes! Not to mention that they can spread diseases like Zika Virus, for example.

We take mosquitoes very seriously, and so should you.

The best way to prevent mosquitoes:

  • Eliminate or reduce mosquito-breeding sites around the home. This includes birdbaths, flowerpots, grill covers, baby pools, unopened swimming pools, tires and other objects where water collects.
  • Remove unneeded vegetation or trash from around any source of standing water that cannot be changed, dumped or removed.
  • Screen windows, doors, and other openings with fine mesh, sealing around all screen edges and keeping doors and windows shut to prevent entry.
  • Minimize outside activity between dusk and dawn, when mosquitoes are most active. But, also take proactive measures during the day to protect against daytime biters, like the Asian tiger mosquito the main carrier of Zika.
  • When outdoors, wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, socks and shoes.
  • Use an insect repellent containing DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon-eucalyptus on exposed skin whenever outdoors.


Flies can be both a nuisance and a health risk. They have been known to spread illnesses including typhoid fever, cholera, and many others. Most commonly this will happen when a fly lands on human or animal fecal matter, and then later lands on food or in water. In this way bacteria are transferred from the fecal matter to the human via the fly, and it often goes unnoticed.

The best way to prevent flies:

  • Sanitation, sanitation, sanitation!
  • Remove trash regularly and keep a tight lid on the trash cans.
  • Use screen doors and windows to keep the flies from entering your home.
  • Keep trash cans far away from picnic tables and food sites.


Most people have experienced the ants marching across their counters. They are an extreme nuisance, but keep in mind, you aren’t the only ones who like sweets! Fortunately, ants don’t pose any health risks but they can contaminate food. Ants are constantly searching for food which is why they are usually found in the kitchen.

The best way to prevent ants:

  • Eliminate water sources.  For example, make sure the gutters are forcing the water away from the house and also check for leaking pipes inside under the sink.
  • Eliminate food sources by always keeping your kitchen tidy. Wipe down counters and regularly sweep the floor.
  • Keep food containers closed and put away.
  • Clean up any spills, especially on picnic tables or by the grill.

Remember, the best way to keep these nuisances away is to contact Pestech at 1-800-287-BUGS and we’ll be ready to solve your pest problems!