The Road to Success had Many Paths

By Pestech Pest Solutions

Many paths mean many opportunities. How we choose which direction to go depends on our own expectations, and goals that we set for ourselves.
Do you like what you do? Are you good at what you do? What are your goals? What makes you say at the end of the day I like the road that I am on? Do you like the people? Is the money enough? Are you enjoying what you do?
I say, build your ladder rung by rung. Balance your scale and find what is most important to you in order to be the best you can be in what you choose.
It’s easy to ask ourselves “why should I do this when another person didn’t?
Well – here’s what I think:
I need to know I am doing the best for myself, and feel good about what I can achieve, even if the person before me didn’t.
After reading success books over the years, a couple of quotes have stuck in my mind; “A person is asked to do a job (not one of their duties) and they respond with, ‘that is not my job.” The person asking for the job to be done then responded, “and it never will be’.” I took that as a missed opportunity. I should always be aware I may be tested.
The other one was, “a teacher’s goal is to not only teach their students, but strive for their students to learn so much from them that they may surpass them.” This means not being afraid of someone taking your job, but getting satisfaction from being recognized for bringing out the best in this person and being part of their success.
When I started at Pestech, my driving force was that I was part of a company that only took on the best of the best. I was and still am proud of the fact that I made the cut (rung). But this if not just a job, it is so much more!
It is being part of a family not a corporate number (rung).
I started as a technician. I have been here at Pestech 17 years now, and I moved up to being a Team Leader (rung). My Team is part of my family (rung) and just like in all families, we may disagree. But, I hope, at the end of the day we all have the same goal in mind – success (rung)!
We get the job done, and want to be the best of the best! Working together we are the best of the best, and that goes for all of Pestech, not just my team.
So – the road to success has many paths, mine started with being part of a team that not only brings out the best in me, but recognizes the best in all of you.
There are still many rungs to build on my ladder, and there are many rungs to fill on your ladders as well.
I am proud to be part of the Pestech family. I am proud of all of you for putting your best foot forward every day, and I look forward to us all building our ladders together for the New Year!!!