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Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that even the most difficult pest issues get solved. Under this guarantee, if we aren’t successful the first time we will continue to service for the pest in question at no additional charge until the problem is solved.

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Pestech keeps you in control of your home

Pestech focuses on strategies that target specific pests in your home and keep them from returning.

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Commercial Pest Services at Pestech

New York pests want to be your biggest repeat customers. If a pest finds food, water and shelter within your commercial business, chances are you will develop an infestation. Pests put workers, students, patients and customers at risk, but Pestech is here to help.

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Since 1989, Pestech Pest Solutions has been the experts you go to, to solve your pest problems. We are a proud family owned and operated business which is constantly growing.

When the company was first starting, it was only a small handful of technicians servicing homes and businesses with a professional yet personal care that quickly made Pestech a household name. Pestech’s reputation of outstanding service, great customer relations and personal attention to customer’s needs brought about more requests for service further and further from our home base of Sullivan County.

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