Vegetation Control

Pestech’s Vegetation Control

Pestech’s Vegetation Control (PVC) will eliminate weeds or unwanted plants around your facility, highway or railway. Not only is unwanted vegetation unattractive, it can also pose serious health, fire and safety hazards.

Pestech offers three basic types of service:

  • Bare grounds program – total vegetation control
  • Bar grounds program that require total vegetation control adjacent to desirable vegetation or water
  • Selective broad-leaf weed and brush control that controls undesirable vegetation while allowing grasses to remain and prevent erosion

Using various combinations of materials and application techniques, our services can be fully customized to meet your needs.

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Pestech’s Vegetation Control can:

  • Eliminate harborage areas for mice, rats and other pests
  • Improve safety for your employees and customers by removing hazards, contributing to safer work environments
  • Allow for hassle-free mowing and provide for clean and clear property lines, perimeters and edges
  • Improve accessibility by opening access to transformers, fuel storage areas, fire hydrants, emergency exits, and more
  • Remove dangerous and invasive plants, such as poison ivy, multi-flora rose, sumac and other irritant and allergy causing vegetation
  • Reduce fire hazards
  • Provide a cost-saving alternative by reducing labor to outside facility and grounds maintenance

Vegetation is usually classified as either desirable (turf, shrubs, ornamental trees) or undesirable (unwanted, plant growth and weeds). When vegetation is in an unsafe or unattractive location, it is considered an undesirable weed. PVC Technicians can control any type of undesirable vegetation.