Fly Pest Control in New York

A fly might be a nuisance buzzing around your home or business, but its presence is also a health risk. Flies are prime disease carriers and pose a serious sanitation issue.

Pestech is equipped to perform fly control services and prevent many other common pests. Call a professional who can ensure your environment is as safe and clean as can be.

The Dangers of Flies

These tiny specimens can wreak havoc on your well-being. Besides annoying you, a fly can be responsible for transmitting many illnesses.

Flies feed off of all kinds of dirty things, including fecal matter, rotting carcasses and garbage. They pick up dangerous bacteria and can potentially contaminate the food and water they land on. Ingesting something tainted by a fly can cause sicknesses including typhoid fever, cholera and food poisoning, to name a few.

Several species can bite humans and animals, such as black flies, deer flies and horse flies. These are less common than the ordinary house fly, but the pain and skin irritation from a bite is unpleasant to everybody. Some people may have allergic reactions to bites, and flies can also spread disease this way.


Fly Pest Prevention

Effective fly pest control involves more than having a swatter handy. Pestech has experience with all common fly species, including fruit flies, which go after your food, and drain flies, which pursue the biochemical build-up in plumbing.

To prevent flies from living and breeding around your home or property, the first step is having a clean environment. A Pestechnologist can ensure your location isn’t a breeding ground for flies, including that every trash container keeps a tight seal and blocks odors from attracting these pests.

When you call us for an inspection, we can examine the exterior of your building for any gaps or cracks around windows, doors or walls and prevent flies from entering in the first place.

Custom Fly Prevention Solutions for Food Establishments

If you run a restaurant or a food processing plant, you must have a fly-free facility to maintain your reputation with customers and good standing with inspectors. At Pestech, we can meet commitments to sanitation standards and develop a plan that fits your needs and budget.

We have reliable pest control solutions for every business in the food handling industry. Together, we can create a maintenance routine that includes an annual risk assessment and tailored inspection forms to help ensure you pass your audit. We can also regularly inspect, spray and treat sewage and grease systems and implement eco-friendly bioremediation technology.

Fly Control for Homes and Businesses in New York

Pestech offers devices and products to control flies year-round throughout your residence or property. We provide effective options like fly lights, fly bait and sticky traps, and we service what we sell.

A Pestech technician can inspect your home or property, identify and fix problem areas and limit the chance of a fly infestation happening to you. Our long-term solutions involve routine monitoring, so you’ll stay ahead and in control of every pest — guaranteed. Contact the team at Pestech to learn more about the preventive services we can bring to Broome County, Monroe County, Northern PA, parts of New Jersey and across New York.