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Mosquito Control for Homes & Businesses

Mosquitoes are considered summer’s most dangerous pest. Surprisingly, they can remain active as long as the temperature is above 60, yikes! Not to mention that they can spread diseases like Zika Virus or West Nile Virus, for example.

We take mosquitoes very seriously, and so should you. These pests act as a threat to pets and family that might be spending time in the backyard for hours each day. Luckily, Pestech is here with residential pest control services for home throughout the state of New York.

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Yard Pest Control

Our Mosquito Treatment and How It Works

Pestech experts will begin treatment by discussing how to prevent and reduce mosquito populations with a few preventative measures. For example, female mosquitoes lay their eggs in shallow water. Pestech will help identify the cause of the mosquito infestation and encourage the removal of excess vegetation and sources of water for breeding.

Once we identify problem locations around your yard, we provide green solutions for pest elimination. Pestech uses environmentally-sensitive insecticides to spray and attack mosquito hotspots. Our solutions have the least environmental impact and offer low risk and volatility for your family and pets.

Pestech offers the Healthy Home Program to provide routine maintenance for your residence. Inspections and insecticides are only a one-time fix, so we schedule visits on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure mosquitoes stay away for good. This program also applies to our other residential pests.

When to Contact Pestech for a Mosquito Treatment

Our Pestechnologists know the habits and characteristics of mosquitoes on their most basic levels, allowing our professionals to locate mosquitoes and their potential nesting grounds with efficiency and accuracy. When a Pestechnologist inspects your yard, they’ll do so with this knowledge and a keen eye for potential mosquito hideouts.

Does your backyard hold water or runoff? Mosquitoes are often located in areas of high humidity. Flowers, puddles, birdbaths, weeds or clogged gutters can make your yard more susceptible to mosquito populations. These pests love to latch onto humans and pets due to their warm temperature, smell (sweat/breathing) and source of blood on which the pests feed. Protect your loved ones by taking proactive action against mosquito infestations.

When should you contact Pestech? You need the help of our experts if you and your family suffer from excessive biting or find these pests are making their way inside your home.

Many times, basements can hold moisture and create a breeding ground for insects. The worst part about mosquitoes is they will continue to bite while you sleep. Over the counter remedies such as citronella candles don’t hold a candle to Pestech’s expertise.

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Mosquito Pest Control Tips and Tricks

Before calling Pestech, you can take the following actions to keep mosquitoes from biting:

  • Keep shoes and socks on
  • Cut back on alcoholic beverages (known to attract mosquitoes)
  • Wear long sleeves/pants at night
  • Take down bug zapper lamps that attract insects
  • Reduce perfume use
  • Mow grass regularly
  • Repair holes/tears in screening

How it Works

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Mosquito Problem?

Pestech puts you back in control of your property. Mosquitoes can be tricky to eliminate, but our services keep populations down through routine maintenance plans.