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Does the thought of termites chewing through your walls keep you up at night? If you’re worried about termites destroying your home or business, you’re not alone.

Learn more about this destructive pest with our online guide. Guide includes:

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Warning Signs of Termites

Recognizing a termite infestation is not always easy. Termites are sneaky critters that go about their work undetected for years. It usually takes the help of a professional to find the signs of an infestation.


Mud tubes, drop tubes or and swarming tubes are typically found along the foundation or exterior of the building and can indicate a serious termite problem.

Wall Damage

Rippled paint or wallpaper and hollow wood can definitely mean termites and should immediately be inspected by a professional.

Actual Termites, or Dropped Wings

You may see swarmer (winged) termites outside your house, or you may just see discarded wings on windows and floors. Both of these are a strong sign of an infestation.

New York

NY Pest Control for Termites

Termites can be extremely costly. It’s important to check out the problem as soon as you notice it to avoid the extreme costs. Pestech can ultimately help eliminate your termite issues, don’t wait until it’s too late!

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