Termite Pest Management

Termite Pest Management in New York

Ever wonder why your floor feels a little more spongy than normal? Or why there are unexplained cracks in your wall? You may be looking at a termite problem, and we know you don’t want that.

Let’s not forget that termites can be extremely costly. It’s important to check out the problem as soon as you notice it to avoid the extreme costs. Pestech can ultimately help eliminate your termite issues, don’t wait until it’s too late!

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Termites may look innocent in individual numbers, but a full-size colony is a homeowner’s nightmare. Termites are tiny insects that look similar to ants. But instead of feeding on food crumbs or sugar, termites are “silent destroyers” of wooden structures.

They may look innocent in individual numbers, but a full-size colony is a homeowner’s nightmare. Termites can cause costly structural damage and destroy books, clothes and any belongings containing cellulose fiber.


Are Termites a Problem in New York State?

Yes! Termites are found throughout New York. In fact, they live in every state except for Alaska. The most common termite species in New York is the eastern subterranean termite. These pests have a creamy color and smooth, tube-like shape. The shape distinguishes termites from ants, which have a pinched waist.

New York businesses and homeowners need to be on the lookout for termites, as these pests can eat through walls, insulation, beams and flooring. Our technicians can eliminate any termite species before it’s too late.



Inspect Under Foundation

How to Know if You Have a Termite Problem

In New York, termites live in underground colonies below your home. They go deeper into the soil during cold winter months and, and emerge again as the ground warms up. In the spring, they begin to forage for food and infest the wooden sections of your home. Termites can cause long-term damage, hidden from view for years. Worker termites, the ones that destroy buildings, are rarely seen. That’s why homeowners must look for other signs of termites, such as:

  • Mud tubes
  • Piles of wings
  • Maze patterns in wood
  • Pinpoint holes in drywall

Termites look for wood with water damage to create nests. The insects require excessive moisture, so termites tend to infiltrate homes during the rainy spring season.

Constantly search for flying termites called “swarmers” throughout this time of year.  Swarmers are reproductive termites that leave their underground colonies to mate. If you spot swamers in or near your property, call us for an inspection. Although swarmers do not cause damage themselves, their presence could be a sign there’s a nest nearby or an infestation in your home or business. We’ll exterminate flying termites and address the root of the problem — the colony hiding underground.

New York Termite Removal

The first step to termite removal is to inspect your property and determine whether pests are present. While you may notice signs like mud tubes, a termite problem isn’t always evident at a glance. That’s why it’s important to contact an expert if you have any reason to suspect a termite infestation.

Our licensed pest control technicians understand know the habits and characteristics of termites, allowing them to locate termites and their potential nesting grounds efficiently and accurately. When one of our technicians inspects your home, they’ll do so with this knowledge and a keen eye for the telltale signs of termites.

Our experts start extermination by inspecting your home for the source of the problem. Before implementing treatment, we’ll inform you of the potential food sources for termites. This could involve relocating firewood storage away from the home, removing mulch or pulling tree stumps after our visit.

Pestech targets locations with high termite populations. Pestech technicians will then install a specially designed baiting system in the ground around your home. Termites love to feast on the bait used and share it with others in the colony. The bait keeps the termites from molting, and they’ll die. Without workers to keep her fed, the queen will die, leaving you to reclaim the throne.

How Our Pest Control Pros Apply Termite Treatment

Termite bait stations are the best method to eliminate eastern subterranean termites and control an infestation long-term. They are also an environmentally friendly solution. These stations capitalize on the natural foraging behavior of termites. Worker termites are attracted to the bait, which they readily carry back to the queen and the rest of the colony. Once consumed, the entire colony is killed off.

What about liquid treatments to kill termites? Liquid treatments are not the most effective way to combat termites because they may not impact the entire colony. Liquid treatments work best when you know  exactly where to use it.

We also offer wood protectant services to keep destructive pests from causing further damage to your home or commercial property.

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Termite Problem?

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