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Mice can be one of the worst pests for both homes and businesses. They can cause damage to your possessions, spread disease, contaminate your food and cause emotional frustration.

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Learn more about pest mice in our online guide so that you can be educated and prepared if you ever have to face this pest.
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Signs of Mice



Mouse droppings look like tiny brown pellets, and they often point you to where the rodent gained entry to your home.

Pet Reaction to Specific Spot in Home

Pets might stake out places where the mice or rats hide.


Nests hidden in garages, basements, attics or other places. They are small and usually made from paper or shredded insulation.

Holes in Food Bags

Food packages with small holes in the corners.

Scurrying Sound in Walls

Listen for scratching or scurrying especially at night.


Risks of Mice

Diseases from rodents are also spread indirectly to humans by way of ticks, mites, and fleas that transmit the infection to humans after feeding on infected rodents. In some cases, the rodents are the reservoirs (carriers) of the diseases, while in other cases the ticks, mites, or fleas act as the disease reservoirs.

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How to Prevent Rodents

The best strategy is to stop the rodents before they enter your home.

  • You can prevent rodents from coming inside by filling any gaps where they might enter.
  • Cutting off their food supply also works, so don’t leave food out on the counters and remove trash quickly.
  • You may even need to seal food such as boxed cereals or crackers in metal containers, so rodents can’t access them.
  • Keep outdoor woodpiles far from your home, as mice often live inside them.

Another alternative is to use traps to get rid of rodents. You can find humane traps, but you will have to get rid of the dead rat or mouse. Cats can help protect your home by getting rid of mice or rats too.

Rodent Prevention: Pest Control

Rodents can be more than just pests. They can spread illness and bring fleas or ticks into your house. Rodents get into your home through small openings, such as gaps in your concrete or through open windows or doors.

The most effective way to rid your home of rodents is through professional pest control. Pestech Pest Solutions can help New York residents. We know how to identify what type of rodent problem you have and eliminate it using fumigation. Our pest control services can eliminate rodents quickly.

Mice vs Rats

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