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When New Yorkers face pest challenges, Pestech is the neighborhood solution. Our network of skilled local technicians across New York responds swiftly to restore harmony to your environment.

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Pest infestations require expert intervention. At Pestech, we provide effective, environmentally conscious pest management solutions to New York property owners. With over 25 years of experience, our certified professionals offer fast, reliable service to ensure your space remains pest-free. We’ll safeguard your property and well-being with our proven methods.

Our professionals want you to feel clean, safe and protected against unwanted pests in your home or business. We have local pest technicians throughout New York State so our team can get to your home or business quickly to handle your pest problem.

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See What Our Local Customers Are Saying

"Second year in a row using Pestech, the BEST! Always professional, very personable staff, reasonably priced! "
Elaine M
Red Hook, NY
"Much better then our last pest control service. They actually did the work that they quoted. Great service!"
Greg G
Walden, NY
"Chris does the best job. I know when he’s here everything I need will be done properly. Checking the mouse traps and spraying the outside of the house always done the right way - Thanks, Barb "
Barbara S
"The experience was great from start to finish. During my initial call the entire service was explained to every last detail. Both technicians that I interacted with at my home were professional and informative. There was a very clear caring touch in the way they treated the animals before removing them from the property to be released somewhere else. They even gave me tips and suggestions on how to make sure the animals stayed safe when outside in the sun before they were picked up."
Thomas R
Google (Ferndale Location)
"Friendly service. Effective pest control."
Robert S
Hyde Park, NY
"After 20 years in a 150 year old farmhouse, this is the FIRST time I haven’t had mice running around in my walls and ceiling!! They are GONE,!!! Thank you Pestech 🥰. "
Jennifer S
Roxbury, NY
"Pestech provides great customer service, are very knowledgeable, and responsive to client needs. You can’t predict the timing of rodents and bugs, but Pestech is always ther when you need them."
Eric K
White Lake, NY
"Provide monthly pest control services. Have been a customer for 20+ years. Very professional and dependable."
George A
Google (Ferndale Location)
"I wasn’t home but technician was savvy enough to tell me he couldn’t set the alarm and we persevered and he stayed there until it was set. Very appreciative of that. "
Nancy B
Starlight, PA
"I am very happy with the service we received. There has been a decrease in bugs! We still see a few in the second bedroom, but I am confident that after the 2nd service this will be taken care of, fingers crossed! Thanks Pestech for being so quick to helping solve this problem and being very nice & professional. Our service guy was great, efficient, nice and professional! "
Jessica T
Liberty, NY
"Great service. Superb results. Good stewards of ant elimination. "
Andrew B.
Wappingers Falls, NY

Pest Control for Homes

Families throughout New York trust Pestech to handle and preemptively prevent infestations. Whether you’re spring cleaning, settling into a new neighborhood or ensuring your home remains pristine, our pest control services integrate seamlessly with your lifestyle. We understand the rhythm of New York — whether you want preventive pest control strategies as part of an annual deep clean or to accompany a new home edit, our expert technicians work discreetly while ensuring your home remains a sanctuary for your family life. 

Schedule confidently, knowing that Pestech will safeguard your home against pests and address any existing infestations to make sure your space is yours alone.

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Pest Prevention for Businesses

In commerce and hospitality operations, a pest-free environment is essential. Pestech offers discreet, thorough pest control services that integrate seamlessly with your daily operations, preserving your establishment’s integrity and health standards. Our experienced technicians are adept at minimizing and averting pest presence in commercial settings. If you have a stubborn infestation, any subsequent services will incur no additional charges until your issue is resolved.

Pestech proudly adheres to GreenPro QualityPro standards and employs environmentally considerate practices for a minimal ecological footprint, ensuring the health and safety of your business and clientele. Rely on Pestech for punctual, proficient pest management tailored to New York’s unique pest profile.

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Industries We Serve

Business owners trust our team in the following industries:

New York Pest Control Tips

Expertise is key in combating New York’s pest population. Our presence in Ferndale, Wappingers Falls and Syracuse enables us to serve the entire state effectively. Our specialists will address infestations and also take the time to equip you with preventive knowledge. We’ll teach you to stay vigilant for signs like droppings, gnaw marks, eggs, odd odors, exposed woodwork and nests so you can act swiftly and keep property destruction to a minimum by having us catch infestations early.

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From the bustling boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn to the dynamic streets of Manhattan, and all throughout New York state, Pestech provides peace of mind with New York’s leading pest management team. We offer the expertise to tackle anything from eliminating pantry pests and bed bugs to safeguarding apartments, condominiums, penthouses and hotels. Contact us for a free quote.

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