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Around the Tri-State area and the Hudson Valley, the species of wildlife you’ll encounter are bigger than your average insect. Bigger critters mean a bigger chance of substantial property damage, sometimes over a single night. Outdoor wildlife can also be smart and crafty.

Wild animals are apt to wander closer to human environments for shelter. Nuisance wildlife pose a very unique set of health and property threats, especially if they can find a way inside your home!

Don’t want to worry about costly wildlife pest damage? Contact the experts at Pestech today. Our critter control services will keep pest wildlife at bay.

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How to Know Whether You Have a Nuisance Wildlife Problem

Creatures can reveal their presence in a variety of ways. Be on the lookout for warning signs like:

  • Droppings, bite marks or claw marks: These are telltale signs that an animal has been around. Fecal matter poses a health and contamination risk, while gnawed wood, wires, insulation and piping are bothersome to fix. Make sure you’re diligent in searching for these traces before they pile up.
  • Noises and activity late at night: You might hear wildlife around before you see it. Listen when it’s quiet for rustling or scurrying in the walls or in the ceiling overhead.
  • Thrown trash: Hungry wildlife can go scavenging through the garbage you set out overnight or what lies around in the dumpster. Your trash could be used as a food source if it isn’t kept in secure containers, leaving you with cleaning up to do.
  • Holes: Wildlife might burrow close to your foundation for a new home or invite itself in by opening a spot in your fence.
  • Surprise guests: Sometimes, you’ll see a troublesome critter for yourself. It can happen to people who switch on the porch light at night or stick their heads in the attic when investigating a noise. Most creatures will try to escape as soon as they see you, and it’s best to avoid confronting or chasing something out.

We recommend you call a pest company at the first sign of trouble.

Customized Wildlife Prevention Solutions From Pestech

Sometimes, no matter what you do, nuisance wildlife has a way of coming back to bother you. For your security and well-being, we offer personalized wildlife control measures.

It starts with a thorough investigation of entry points for all structures. Every call is different and comes with its own challenges, and we aim to reliably meet each one.

  • Residential: Your family’s home is a sanctuary, so we cover everywhere from your basement to your attic eaves to find the presence of any unwanted guests. On the outside, a specialist can check the vents, drains and roof for gaps that might be providing access for critters. We also evaluate your doors, windows and garages.
  • Commercial: Regardless of your industry, you need to prevent costly repairs to your buildings and protect your food or product inventory. We’ll look at all the same entry spots as we do for homes. Loading dock doors used by suppliers are particularly common places for animals to slip in, so our technicians verify every frame is sealed tight.

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Pest Control for All of New York's Wildlife

There are about 40 different bat species found in the United States, most of which are active during the warmer months and hibernate for the winter season. Bats commonly roost in attics, belfries and behind shutters or loose boards. Like other nuisance wildlife, bats can carry rabies and spread disease by biting humans or household pets.

The opossum is the only marsupial found in North America. Opossums occasionally den in attics and garages where they may make a messy nest. You may know them as a species that plays dead around humans, but they can be defensive around their territory or young. They are also known to bare their sharp teeth and hiss when threatened, and in rare cases, they may bite.

Raccoons are rarely seen during the day due to their nocturnal habits. These pests can cause significant damage to roofs and chimneys while searching for places to build their dens in preparation for the winter months. They’re also very smart with their paws and can tear up screens over windows and push open pet doors to get inside. Raccoons are one of the major hosts of rabies in the United States and carriers of roundworm and leptospirosis through their excrement.

You’ll see rabbits in the daytime and maybe a whole family of them on your property. While they’re the most harmless-looking pest, they can still feast on your garden’s plants and vegetables, then dart under your deck or disappear into the shrubbery.

Found throughout North and South America, skunks may tear up grass in search of nourishment or resort to raiding your garbage. While you should be mindful about a bite infected with rabies, the worst a healthy skunk can usually do is spray a foul-smelling odor at humans or curious pets who get too close.

During the colder months, squirrels are known for invading homes in search of a place to keep warm. They also frequently steal from bird feeders. Fortunately, squirrels rarely pose a threat to homeowners, but they can damage electrical wires and telephone lines outdoors by chewing through them.

How Can You Control Wildlife Yourself?

It is important to keep trash in fully sealed containers, cut back tree limbs from roof line, and also be proactive in fencing off openings to the home preventing wildlife from accessing properties. Seal off cracks and secure loose boarding on the exterior and fill in holes in the ground with dirt and rocks. At home, you can take steps prevent wildlife from using your pet’s property by keeping door flaps shut and bringing in food and water dishes at night.

We encourage anyone who encounters a wild animal on their property to Contact Pestech Pests for assistance instead of trying to trap on their own.

How Pestech Removes Wildlife Pests

Pestech proudly practices live trap and release, and boasts over twenty years of experience dealing with nuisance wildlife. The Pestechnologists in our nuisance wildlife division are fully trained and licensed to practice both trapping and exclusionary methods of nuisance wildlife control. In addition, Pestech has one of the highest catch-rates in the Tri-State and Hudson Valley regions.

When a Pestechnologist visits your home or business to deal with nuisance wildlife the first thing that will be done is a thorough inspection of the area. After this information has been collected, traps will be set according to the type of wildlife and the location of activity. Sometimes, exclusionary methods are necessary to correct an issue with nuisance wildlife. Exclusion work includes both trapping and removal of the wildlife from the building, as well as sealing up any means of re-entry for the animal.

We can make the perimeter of your property deter wildlife from entering, such as by sprinkling granules that smell like common predators. Our experts know what to apply and where to make your location less preferable to roving animals.

When the nuisance wildlife is gone, we tackle the clean-up to ensure your environment is free of damage and sanitized for the future.

At Pestech, we’re as persistent as wildlife pests can be — we’ll follow up with you and make sure that the animals stay gone. Our service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if we don’t succeed at keeping out wildlife from your home or business, we’ll return for no additional charge until the problem is solved.

If you want to make sure you stay ahead, Pestech offers routine pest prevention visits year-round to monitor the conditions of your property.

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If you suspect you have a wildlife problem, let a professional inspect the grounds of your residence or business and take the first steps to secure your health and peace of mind. For more information, contact Pestech today for a quote.