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Don’t let the risk of stored food pests impact your flow of goods. With our customized services, your operations will be in the best shape and ready to pass third party audits. We understand the importance of keeping a pest free environment, especially in food industries. Pests can carry disease, damage products, compromise critical environments, and damage reputations. Let us control the pests while you focus on your facility.

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Pest Management Solutions

Our licensed and certified Pestechnologists created our Food Industry Program with your services in mind. You’re protected with risk assessments that are updated annually and eliminate risk of damages from pest issues. By utilizing this program, we guarantee that governmental and organizational inspections will be passed, and your brand, and ultimately your business, is protected. The good news – this program can be customized to fit your needs!

We take audits just as serious as you! Audit requirements, along with increased government regulations and documentation expectations, demand a more strategic Integrated Pest Management approach and we plan to provide that for you. Pestech uses tailored inspection forms specifically made for manufacturing plants as needed (AIB, FDA, USDA NOP, etc).

Tools and Services Tailored for You

Your brand and your facility are our top priority. Your facility will receive comprehensive services and all the attention it deserves. This includes regular inspections from our experienced and professional Technicians, opportunities to catch pest problems before they become serious issues, and solving your pest problems with the best people, technology, and science.

By utilizing our E-Pest Connect, a free online tool that makes managing your establishment’s protection a breeze, owners and managers are able to pay bills hassle-free online, as well as see exactly what corrective measures are being taken and where. But don’t worry, we are still available face-to-face to answer your questions and concerns.

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