Industry Solutions

Specialized Pest Solutions for Your Industry

Pestech is trusted by businesses to create the most proactive and cost-effective solutions. Industries we most commonly work with:


School districts are perfect locations for pests to infiltrate. These environments offer a source of food, water and shelter with plenty of places to hide. Pestech handles pest control across schools in the Batavia area to keep students and staff safe from disease. Whether children are outside with ticks and mosquitoes or ants storm their way through the halls, Pestech Pests has you covered.

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Food Industries

Pestech serves the food processing, distribution, grocery and restaurant industries. We understand that no one wants pests anywhere close to their food. With our food industry program, we design a custom solution around your needs. Our services keep you in shape for governmental and organization inspections, audits and more.

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Health Care

Spend more time with patients and let Pestech handle infestations within health care facilities. Plus, we can help pharmaceutical plants maintain regulatory compliance with a cleaner production space. Our team works to keep pests away from patients, residents, families and workers in hospitals and assisted living environments.

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Insects, rodents and wildlife check in, but Pestech makes sure they check out. Our hospitality pest control service help hotels, lodges, conference centers, resorts and casinos avoid the risks of pest disturbance. With guests moving from room to room, you can never be too safe with integrated Pest Management.

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Property Management

Pestech Pest technicians cater to apartment complexes, multifamily homes and rental properties. if one tenant experiences a pest problem in their living space, you can guarantee the infestation will spread to adjacent locations. Remember that Pestech has been evicting unwanted tenants since 1989.

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Keep tricky pests out of your valuable stock! Insects and rodents access a number of entry points in your building if you ignore the issue for too long. We knock out pests for your customers through regular inspections, prevention tactics and fumigation.

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