Pest Exclusion

Keeping Pests OUT

Pests can enter your buildings in areas you probably haven’t even thought about. Windows, doors, vents, plumbing, cracks in walls or floors, or even through supplier deliveries. These include pests like commensal rodents, filth flies and stored product pests. We have specialists who focus primarily on exclusion work. Pestech provides comprehensive coverage of your facility, bringing it back to brand new.

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Pest Proofing & Exclusion

Pest proofing and exclusion efforts can include a variety of methods to help prevent entry and reduce attractiveness of the structure to pests. We’ll repair cracks and holes in the floors and walls, and around piping, with the same materials that was originally there. For preventative measures, door sweeps and weather-resistant sealants are great places to start. In addition, recent food safety regulations like the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) emphasize pest prevention in their rules.

Exclusions are an important way to prevent pest activity in your pest management program. Pest exclusions can restrict interior pest movement and can reduce the areas where pests can harbor and food sources can accumulate. Some accreditation programs like LEED and the National Organic Program, will specify non-chemical efforts as the first step in pest remediation.