Effective Rodent Control Tips

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Effective Rodent Control Tips

We’re looking to give you the tips to not only get rid of these rodents but help prevent the problem from happening at all.

The Basics of Rodent Control

Pest management is all about consistency and thoroughness. Protecting properties against pests and rodents can take a toll on your lifestyle if it isn’t addressed. There are plenty of strategies people take to solve this issue, some of which we’ll cover in a bit, but the basics are pretty simple. By following these best practices, you’re giving yourself and your property the best chance of protection. Effectively controlling rodents comes down to three parts: seal up, trap up and clean up. Limiting the ways rodents can get into your property is a good start, but if they manage to get inside, then setting traps and eliminating open food sources will discourage them from making a home. Looking for more tips? Read some of our top guidelines below!

5 Tips for Effective Rodent Control

5 Tips for Rodent Control

Maintaining a rodent-free place isn’t a one-time deal where you solve one problem and they never come back. Unfortunately, people often drive these rodents and pests away, only for them to return a few months later. Treating rodent problems is about recognizing the issue and solving the situation before it quickly grows into something serious. Achieving success lies in being proactive and working to prevent infestations before they happen. Rodent-proofing your place is the key to protecting your property from future invasions. Here are some top tips to keep in mind:

1. Prevent Outside Access

Before getting rid of any rodents, you must find where they’re coming from and block that entrance up. Those entry points are also a great place to set traps since you already know that’s an area they frequently visit. Once you find those entry points, move on to sealing up the rest of your property by eliminating common access points like holes around windows or doors. Filling these holes or cracks up with caulk should prevent any entry. Just don’t use any material they can easily chew through, like plastic or rubber. Since rodents can get into your home or business in various ways, it’s best to make a checklist of all access points you think of or see. Following this checklist ensures that there aren’t any missing points and removes any guesswork. Having no outside access points discourages future invasions, which are crucial to rodent control.

2. Keep Clean

Sanitation is king in rodent control, and keeping a clean property can stop infestations from happening. Rodents are always looking for shelter and food, so no accessible sources will prevent them from making a home on your property. This is a more significant focus for residential areas and homes where people are more likely to leave unsealed food lying around. Storing food includes putting it in a solid container that rodents can’t chew through. Be on the lookout for your pet’s food since it’s often stored in a paper or plastic bag. Keeping clean isn’t exclusive to just the inside of your property. Pay attention to the outside to get rid of any food sources like birdseed and fruit trees. If you have a garden, then peppermint oil or dryer sheets are great at repelling rodents from areas. Another recommendation is to get rid of any “natural homes” for rodents that are next to your property. These can include compost piles, bushes, firewood or ivy. Rodents won’t have any places to nest and make homes if you maintain a 3 feet barrier between your property and these natural homes.

3. Get a Natural Predator

Some preventative measures can be inconsistent or wear out without your knowledge, but one timeless tactic is to adopt a natural predator. Getting a bodyguard can help solve your rodent issue, and you’ll never have to worry about them becoming ineffective. This is a set-it and forget-it approach to preventing pests. The great part is that they don’t even have to catch any rodents to be effective. Their scent alone will scare them off. Cats, snakes and even barn owls are all great rodent catchers who can efficiently hunt their populations. Barn owls are particularly rodent-focused and can eat about 1,000 rodents every season. You can attract these owls by building a shelter box.

4. Use Traps

Using traps continues to be a very effective way of dealing with rodents once they’re inside. They’re a great non-toxic option if used correctly and provides immediate confirmation of a catch so you can know how effective they are. Choosing the appropriate trap and bait is key to making it work. Also, there’s strength in numbers, so it’s better to use multiple traps for a suspected area. There is a broad range of traps available which covers almost every situation. However, choosing a trap isn’t as easy as going to your local hardware store and picking the first option you see. Some traps work better than others, so it’s important to know what’s available. Picking a trap should be about the effectiveness and ease of use. Almost all types require some bait which is usually peanut butter since it’s sticky and mice can’t steal it like cheese.

The common trap types include:

  • Snap traps
  • Electric traps
  • Sticky traps
  • Catch-and-release traps

Another consideration for choosing traps is the humane part. Kill or no-kill options are available depending on what you’re most comfortable with, and some options can even hide the mouse in the trap altogether.

5. Get a Professional Involved

Handling a rodent population can quickly turn into a frustrating and unsuccessful experience. If your situation feels unsolvable or is getting out of hand, then it’s time to turn to pest control professionals, so they can finally bring control back into your life. Following these tips and strategies doesn’t guarantee the elimination of all rodents around your property but instead promotes controlling and preventing the problem. A good plan in the future is to use a mix of these tips based on what works best for your situation.

Control Rodents and Other Pests With Pestech

By following these rodent control tips, you’re giving your home or business a great chance at driving rodents out and keeping them away from your property in the future. Rodent problems require constant upkeep for the best results. We know these tips can be a lot to handle and sometimes have you chasing something you can’t even see. If you’re looking for immediate containment of your problem, then schedule your inspection with Pestech today. Our experienced staff provides ongoing pest control services for your home and business, so you can get back to what matters.

Pestech Rodent Control

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