5 Rodent Prevention Methods for Schools

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Rodent Prevention Methods

As students and staff go about their day, teaching, learning and navigating the halls, they should be confident in knowing their building is safe from rodents. Rodents can raise numerous problems, ranging from disease risk to emotional trauma for staff and students. It’s vital to find preventive tactics and label your building as a place that emphasizes cleanliness and safety.

But with the amount of area a school covers and the constant traffic of food and trash that cycles through your facility every day, it could leave you wondering, what is the best way to prevent rodent infestation?

Here are some great strategies for implementing rodent prevention for schools.

1. Handle Food Carefully

Food is one of the main reasons rodents try to get inside a building in the first place. It’s essential to identify areas where food might be left open or unattended.

  • Classrooms: Teachers or students might leave containers of lunch open or drop snacks accidentally onto the ground, making classrooms prime places for rats and mice to target. Food should be handled carefully or eliminated from the classroom altogether.
  • Food storage areas: Food containers could leak or contain rips and holes, making them liable to rodent infestation. Thoroughly inspect boxes and packages containing food and make sure they’re free from damage.
  • Cafeterias: Naturally, cafeterias are one of the main places food will drop onto the ground and spill onto tables. Since a cafeteria is such a large area, it’s easy to miss some food and have it left out in the open, attracting nearby rodents. Constant cleaning and upkeep of the cafeteria are effective rodent control methods. Clean dishes and tables regularly, leave refrigerators closed except when in immediate use, and inspect for excess moisture or condensation.

For proper rodent infestation control, make sure all of these places are maintained and cleaned regularly. Staff should check these areas multiple times before the end of the day. Rodents will come out after everyone has left and darkness falls, so take preventative measures to solve any issues before the day is over.

It can be challenging to keep up with the amount of food and areas for the mess to accumulate. A great strategy is to identify those places where you may be most liable for rodent infestation and note those areas for future improvement.

2. Keep Rodents Out

One of the best ways to prevent rodent infestation is to keep them from getting inside your school in the first place. Rodents are creative and can find numerous ways to sneak in, so identifying areas where your school is open to the outside world will help you determine the best rodent control methods.

  • Close doors and windows when not in use.
  • Use caulk and steel wool to patch up small holes, and use cement or hardware cloth for larger openings.
  • Trim and maintain vegetation around the building.
  • Monitor for doors, windows and walls that need repairs.
  • Use solid, durable material when sealing holes so rodents won’t be able to chew through.

Rodents often find ways to get inside buildings through trees or dense vegetation that hugs up close to the foundation. Lots of crawling ivy can act as a ladder for rodents climbing up buildings. You can communicate to the grounds crew to avoid planting anything near the building. Make sure to avoid planting fruit-bearing trees, as these often attract rodents and other pests.

Food often becomes a problem after rodents have already gotten into the building. Sealing up your building, making sure it’s in good, durable condition and keeping up with repairs are all essential rodent prevention methods.

3. Eliminate Clutter

Large heaps of unorganized clutter make for great rodent homes and channels for them to infiltrate your school. The regular supplies found in classrooms, such as construction paper, fabrics and carpeting, can create unintended rodent nesting places.

Organization and storage are vital in defending against clutter, and it’s good practice to store all supplies in plastic bins when they aren’t being used. After materials are used, clean up the area and pick up any loose materials.

Be on the lookout for any old, decaying clutter hiding out in corners of the building. Clean up those spaces immediately and observe the walls around them for holes or entryways, as they can often be popular rodent entrances.

4. Communicate to Students and Staff

If they’re caught up in daily life and the school day, students and staff might not know or even be aware of rodent infestation problems. This can contribute to more mess, food left out and general apathy towards clutter. But simple communication and acknowledging the benefits of keeping clean, organized spaces can alleviate many of these issues. Clear, direct communication about the positives of keeping a clean space is one of the best ways to achieve rodent prevention.

Nurses, cafeteria workers, recess monitors and teachers can talk to students about rodent control, as they can more effectively communicate valuable tactics. Though it might not happen overnight, building a culture of cleanliness and organization is hugely rewarding. It’s an excellent rodent prevention method and a beneficial strategy overall.

5. Find a Service

You can try many excellent rodent control methods and ways to keep your school a safe, clean area that’s free from outside invasion. But sometimes, even these methods can’t cover all the bases of rodent infestation. Schools often have large buildings and remain open to many different ways for rodents to get in. Figuring out how to prevent rodent infestation can be intimidating.

Partnering with a professional service that specializes in rodent prevention methods will take the stress out of doing all this yourself. Rodent control is often a continual, engaged process that doesn’t have a one-off fix. It makes sense to find someone who knows what they’re doing and talk with them about strategies and ways you can get your rodent problem taken care of.

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