How to Keep Nuisance Wildlife Out of Your Home or Business

How to Keep Nuisance Wildlife Out of Your Home or Business

By WebFX Dev

How to Keep Nuisance Wildlife Out of Your Home or Business

By WebFX Dev How to Keep Nuisance Wildlife Out

Wildlife can sneak into your New York home or business looking for food and warm shelter. Your neighbors might have had rodents, raccoons or squirrels lurking around their properties. In that case, you probably want to prevent these creatures from coming near your building. This guide explains how to keep rodents and squirrels out of your home […]

Known Diseases Carried by NY Pests

By Pestech Pest Solutions Known Diseases Carried by NY Pests

Having pests in your home is annoying, but pest infestations can also cause problems beyond annoyance. Some pests are known to carry diseases that can spread to humans, so promptly managing your pest problem is essential to your health. In this guide, we’ll discuss some common NY pest diseases, what signs to look out for and how […]

Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs in Clothes

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You may have stumbled across this blog because you’ve seen a cockroach egg and are looking for answers, or you may simply be curious about the little pests. More specifically, you may be wondering if roaches lay eggs in your clothes. We’re here to give you an informed answer and also to let you know […]

Little Known Facts About Termites

By Pestech Pest Solutions

When you think of the word “termite,” you may find yourself imagining all the squeamish things associated with the term “insect.” However, if you consider all the wild things there are to know about the little creatures, you’ll find they’re nothing short of fascinating. For millions of years, termites have been munching on wood and […]

Common Spider Species in New York and Where They’ll Be Hiding

By Pestech Pest Solutions Common-Spider-Species NY

For many Americans, spiders evoke a sense of fear. In fact, according to Chapman University’s Survey of American Fears in 2018, more than one-fifth of respondents said they were “afraid or very afraid” of insects and arachnids, like spiders. However, even for homeowners or business owners that aren’t afraid of spiders, these arachnids can still cause distress. One spider […]

Commercial Entry Points for Pests

By Pestech Pest Solutions

The cleanliness, appearance and safety of your business’ facilities play a significant role in what customers, especially first-time customers, think of your company. Because of this, a pest problem is of particular concern for commercial facilities. Commercial buildings often have a lot of shared ceilings, shared walls and common areas, meaning that it’s even more […]

How to Know if You Have a Termite Problem

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You’re probably aware of the type of damage that termites cause. These wood-eating pests can quickly and massively undermine the foundation of your home. But do you know how to tell if your home has termites? You may not realize you have termites until it is too late. The sooner you are aware of your termite problem, […]

Five Pests That Stick Around During Winter in New York

By Pestech Pest Solutions

In New York, you’re used to seeing plenty of bugs in the spring and summer. One of the advantages of cold New York winters is that many pests cannot survive them. But do all insects die during the winter? Unfortunately, the answer is no. There are a number of pests that stick around during winter, […]