Ways to Winter Pest-Proof Your Home or Business

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Winter Pest-Proof Your Home Or Business

When winter is on the way, it’s a good idea to do some preparation work on homes and businesses for the colder weather. One big thing to be aware of for any type of building is pest-proofing. Many different types of pests — including mice, spiders, cockroaches and more — are also making their preparations for winter and seeking warmth and shelter for the long, cold winter months.

Many of these pests are more than just annoying to deal with and may cause damage to structures or pose a health risk to all inhabitants. Pest-proofing your house for winter can help keep these critters at bay for a healthier interior environment.

Pest-Proof Your Home or Business With These 8 Tips

Winter pest-proofing can help keep your home or business safe all season long. Try these tips for winter pest prevention:

1. Seal Up All Cracks and Holes

It can be tricky to find all the cracks and holes around the building that let in small pests, but the more spots you can seal, the better off you’ll be at preventing pests from entering. Inspect your home’s perimeter, looking for small cracks around doors and windows or near vents and pipes. Use caulking, foam, weather stripping or other appropriate fillers to seal the structure. As a bonus, this step should also increase energy efficiency by making it easier to regulate indoor temperatures.

2. Keep Bushes and Trees Well-Trimmed

If you have trees and bushes on your property, it can beautify your building, but overgrown vegetation can provide food, moisture and hiding spots for all sorts of critters. Branches that touch the building can also give pests easy access points into your home or business.

If possible, limit trees and bushes touching the building and trim everything else well to reduce entry points and hiding spots. If you have fruit trees in the yard, clean up any fallen and remaining fruit at the end of the season, especially if the trees are close to the home, as this provides a food source for many types of bugs.

Reduce pest entry points and hiding spots

3. Declutter Your Yard

While you’re outside trimming the trees, take note of any excess clutter in the yard. Trash, debris, leaf piles and more can also provide shade, moisture and hiding spots for pests. Now is a good time to reduce clutter and keep extra items away from the building. Clean out gutters and make sure that they divert rainwater and melted snow or ice away from the building. Beware of using wood chips and mulch too close to the building, creating hiding spots for bugs.

4. Keep Kitchens and Dining Areas Clean

Food sources are a top attraction for mice, cockroaches and other pests, so it’s important to keep all food prep and dining areas as clean as possible. Even the tiniest spills and crumbs left on the floor or counter can be a feast for tiny pests.

For this reason, clean floors and countertops as often as you can, especially after meals. Don’t forget about the hard-to-reach spots like under and behind the fridge and stove and other often-overlooked areas of the kitchen. Wash dishes promptly instead of letting them sit in the sink or on the counter to get rid of food leftovers and residues.

5. Inspect Anything Coming Into the Home

Bugs can hitch a ride into your home or business on just about anything. Winter pest control includes taking a minute to give anything entering the building a good inspection for signs of pests. This may include anything from packages left on the doorstep to used furniture or live Christmas trees. Make sure you’re not inadvertently bringing in these unwanted guests on your belongings or holiday gifts.

6. Reduce Moisture Indoors

Pests are attracted to sources of moisture, and many types can survive with a surprisingly small amount of water — even a tiny leak can provide enough water for mice and insects to survive. Pest-proof your home or business by checking for any leaks around the building or other places where moisture collects. Leaky pipes, a damp basement, a bathroom with poor ventilation — any of these spots, and more, are highly attractive to pests.

Fix leaks and reduce moisture in other damp areas of the building. Thoroughly dry any standing water or puddles caused by leaks.

7. Take Out the Trash

Taking out the trash may seem like a small task, but it’s important for home and business winter pest control. Garbage is a source of food and moisture for many different pests, and keeping it around will only attract more. Take out the trash regularly and make sure to only use quality garbage bins with lids. Check your outdoor trash receptacles to be sure they are in good condition and also have closing lids.

8. Keep Basements Free of Clutter

Basements are often great storage spaces for homes and businesses. However, rodents and insects love to make cluttered basements their winter home. One of the best things you can do in terms of pest-proofing your business for winter — or your home — is to clean and declutter the basement. Get rid of items you don’t need, and keep everything else neat and tidy. Don’t store items in cardboard boxes and keep all belongings off the floor on shelving or pallets.

Winter Pest Prevention? Contact Us

Make the Most of Your Winter Pest Prevention With Pestech

For the best pest prevention in winter, it’s time to call in the professionals. All of the above tips will help keep all sorts of pests at bay all winter long, but if you really want to be successful in your efforts, the experts at Pestech are ready to help. Many people think of pest help in warm summer months, so why should you spray for pests in the winter? Because pests don’t take a break during the winter, and many seek shelter in your home or business during those colder months.

When you work with Pestech, we will inspect your building and help you develop a comprehensive pest management plan that works for you and your property in all seasons. Protect your home or business, and contact us today to get started and schedule your inspection. We are a family-owned and operated business with many years of experience, and we provide the utmost in quality service and customer care.