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Pest Problem?

    A pest problem can quickly grind your Syracuse business to a halt. Pests multiply quickly, create unsanitary conditions and impact your reputation.

    When you have a pest infestation in Syracuse, you need the New York pest control experts. At Pestech, we have been keeping pests in line since 1989 and know just what to do when pests are troubling your business.

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    Local Pest Control Services in Syracuse, NY

    We take a smarter, safer and more reliable approach to pest management services based on the type and nature of your pest problem. We can quickly get a variety of pests under control, such as:

    • Flies: If you have a persistent fly problem, you need to address it. Buzzing flies can irritate your customers and spread disease by landing on food. We know how to handle flies so they leave and are less likely to return. Call Pestech for reliable fly control.
    • Wildlife: An opossum or raccoon in your warehouse or behind your store can wreak havoc and carry dangerous diseases. The safe, humane way to deal with a wildlife problem is to call Pestech for wildlife control.
    • Termites: Termites probably won’t bother your customers. You may not even notice you have termites, at first. When pieces of wood fall off your building, you want to take action fast before termites do massive structural damage. Take action right away by calling Pestech termite control.
    • Mosquitoes: Summer breeds mosquitoes, especially if your business is near a lake or river. Let us deliver successful mosquito control for your business.

    Whatever your pest problem, we can generate a reliable commercial pest management plan for you.

    Our Process

    At Pestech, we strongly believe in our process of Integrated Pest Management. We take what we have learned by studying and testing pest control methods and apply it to your specific issue. We use effective methods with the lowest possible risk to your employees, customers and the environment. Plus, you can enjoy our 100 satisfaction guarantee on our services.

    For an inspection and to see how it all works, get in touch online today.

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