Eliminating Spiders Around Homes & Buildings

Spiders have eight legs (four pairs). They have two body regions: a cephalothorax (fused head and thorax) and an abdomen, which are joined together by a narrow waist. Most spiders have six or eight simple eyes in various arrangements. All have a pair of jaw-like structures, the chelicerae, each of which ends in a hollow fang through which venom can be ejected. The tip of the abdomen has a group of small fingerlike spinnerets that produce silk. Young spiders (spiderlings) resemble adults except for their smaller size and coloration.


Black widow spiders bite in defense but don’t bite humans instinctively. Wolf spiders aren’t aggressive but may bite if handled. Most other spiders aren’t risks to humans.

Preventive Solutions

Seal entry points like cracks and windows. Clean away webbing found on walls. Spiders aren’t attracted to lights, but other insects are. Because spiders eat other insects, they’ll follow them into the light.