The Latest Pest Control Technology

Pests want nothing more than to be your biggest repeat customers. With the help of the lastest technological advances in pest control, your company is guaranteed to take back control of your bottom line!

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Remote Monitoring Solutions with Pestech

Pestech’s state of the art remote monitoring systems give you the power of protecting your brand.

Real Time Monitoring

Know where and when treatment must be started to keep an infestation from happening

Real Time Trend and Report Monitoring

Know what type of rodent is entering and how often

Less Labor Cost

Save in labor cost for your staffing to remerchandise shelving for inspections

Protect Your Brand

Proactive Pest Management enables you to be in control of an infestation and keep it from tarnishing your brand

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The latest technology in bed bug treatments for hospitality.

Spotta™ provides continuous monitoring with Bed Pod™! This protects each room in real time. A pod is placed under each mattress and bed bugs are attracted to the lure inside of them. When bed bugs enter the pod it triggers the sensor inside and then the system analyzes the insect inside. You receive the alerts and then can alert Pestech immediately!

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