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The last thing you need is a pest problem impacting your home or business. When you’re looking for a safe, reliable pest control company in Albany, NY, turn to Pestech. We have been managing commercial and residential pest problems in New York for over 30 years and can determine exactly how to get rid of your pests and keep them from coming back.

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Local Pest Control Services in Albany, NY

If you are interested in effective, eco-friendly pest management services, you will love Pestech. Our pest technicians are intimately familiar with all the types of pests that find their way into Albany home or businesses including:

  • Ants:¬†Ants are persistent pests that can affect your reputation, especially if you work in a food service business. With Pestech¬†ant control, we focus on the minimal use of toxic pesticides to get rid of your ants.
  • Bats:¬†Bats can make their way into your warehouse or industrial plant. Once you have bats, they are difficult to get rid of, especially since you want to do so in a humane manner. At Pestech, we have responsible¬†bat control¬†solutions that work.
  • Cockroaches:¬†If you have a restaurant, grocery store or other food service business in Albany, you most likely encounter the American cockroach. Whatever the type, you want them out as quickly as possible. We are highly proficient at¬†roach control¬†and will identify your pests and create a plan to remove them from your establishment.
  • Rodents:¬†Rats and mice love anywhere where they can find food and a warm place to nest. Once they get comfortable, they can chew up your wiring, leave their droppings everywhere and cause damage to your structure and your reputation. Our humane¬†rodent control¬†solutions get rid of your rodents fast using low-risk methods.

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