Risks of Bug Bombs and Foggers

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Risks of Bug Bombs and Foggers

No matter where you live or how clean you are, pests can find their way in. By the time you start seeing bugs, they have most likely already made themselves at home. Once they make themselves at home, it can seem impossible to get rid of them.

While professional pest control is the most effective, many try to save money by using over-the-counter pest solutions. Some of the most popular at-home pest control products are bug bombs and foggers. While they may seem like a great alternative to professional fumigation, these products can pose a dangerous threat to your health.

What Are Bug Bombs and Foggers?

So what are bug bombs? Bug bombs and foggers are aerosol pesticides used to cover a certain area. Bug bombs target fleas, cockroachesbed bugs and other pests. Foggers release their repellent at once, fumigating the entire room in which it is located. People often turn to bug bombs instead of other at-home treatments as they feel the bombs will be able to quickly cover all areas of a room, including places that are hard to reach with other forms of pesticide. Although this is true, people think bug bombs act like a fumigant, which is a gas, and that it’ll go everywhere but actually, the particles are shot up into the air and then fall, more or less, straight down, therefore they really only hit the tops of things. A fumigant will go into everything, but a fog will not. Foggers are also a cheap alternative to hiring a pest control professional.

How to Use Bug Bombs Properly

If you’re going to use bug bombs, it is imperative you use them properly. First, you always want to thoroughly read the instructions that come with the bug bomb. Before using the bomb or fogger, make sure that all food, toys, dishes and plants are covered so that the chemicals do not reach them.

The accelerant in foggers are flammable, so make sure that any appliances are unplugged. Face the bug bomb away from you while you activate it. Before it has been activated, evacuate all people and animals from the house immediately. Stay out of the house for the time listed on the instructions. Once you return, open windows and turn on fans to help clear out any chemicals that are left in the air.

Risks of Using Bug Bombs Incorrectly

There are many risks to using a bug bomb incorrectly. Incorrect use could result in damage to your property in the form of a fire or explosion. The chemicals the bug bombs release are highly flammable, so you need to make sure it is placed in an appropriate location. Avoid placing the fogger in the same room as an open flame, such as a pilot light. If you must place the fogger in the same room as your pilot light, make sure the gas is turned off and double-check it is extinguished before use.

Additionally, unplug any appliances that cycle on and off such as an air conditioner or refrigerator to avoid a possible spark. Failing to follow these rules could result in a fire. Never use a bug bomb in an enclosed space such as a closet or cupboard, as this could also lead to an explosion.

There are different types of bug bombs that come in different sizes with different instructions. It’s dangerous to assume each bomb works the same way. There should always only be one bug bomb per room, but it is also important to check that the fogger you picked is appropriate for the volume of the room.

bug bombs used incorrectly

Using a bomb that is too big for the room could cause a build-up of flammable accelerant, making a fire or explosion more likely. It could also cause a buildup of chemical residue on surfaces which is harmful to your health. Furthermore, failure to evacuate the premises immediately after setting off bug bombs or returning before the required amount of time would be dangerous for your health.

Health Issues Caused by Bug Bombs and Foggers

Before you decide to use a bug bomb, you should also understand the possible health risks that come from using them. While you have increased risk if you are in the same room as the bug bomb while it is going off, you can follow the instructions and still be exposed to harmful chemicals. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, it is safest to avoid bug bombs as they have been known to exacerbate symptoms in sensitive groups. In fact, the chemicals in foggers can trigger asthma symptoms for up to 3 days after use.

Another risk of foggers comes from the chemical residue left on surfaces. It is imperative to cover anything that is ingestible or used by children and pets, but that may not be enough to avoid chemical residue. In fact, bug bombs are intended to leave chemicals on surfaces to continue killing pets.

The chemical residue could be problematic and lead to ingesting chemicals if surfaces are not properly cleaned after bombing the house or room. Households with animals and children should take extra precautions as they sometimes put objects in their mouths that don’t belong there, and therefore may not have been covered or cleaned after bug bomb use.

The most common health problems that arise from foggers are respiratory issues. This includes coughing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and upper respiratory pain. In fact, most people who are exposed to bug bombs report some kind of respiratory issues.

Other common health issues from bug bombs include headache, nausea, vomiting, cramps and dizziness. These symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on the person and the number of chemicals they are exposed to. If you would prefer not to risk suffering from these health complications, the safest option is to get help from a professional pest control company that focuses on health.

Are Bug Bombs and Foggers Bad for You?

While it is impossible to know if an individual will face negative health implications from a properly used bug bomb, it is a fact that the chemicals used in bug bombs can negatively affect your health.

Unfortunately, bug bombs usually do not get rid of the infestation the first time. Users find themselves needing to bomb their space multiple times before they stop seeing pests. This means putting your and your loved ones’ health at risk multiple times. Many times, additional pest control is needed as bug bombs are not able to get into cabinets, vents and other hard-to-reach places.

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