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    If you’ve tried pest removal companies in Poughkeepsie, you may have had reason to feel frustrated. Other companies are not proactive. Maybe your pests came back after only a few weeks, maybe even in larger numbers. You need a better way.

    At Pestech, we use a strategic approach to pest control that relies on data and targeted solutions, not poisoning your home or business.

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    Whether you are looking to protect your home with quality residential pest control or you need commercial pest management for your Poughkeepsie business, Pestech offers a solution with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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    Our Process

    With Integrated Pest Management, we create a plan with your specific pest problem in mind. We will inspect your property and generate a strategy based on what we know about pest patterns. We put an emphasis on prevention and low-risk control methods, efficiently controlling pests with a minimal effect on the environment.

    Our proven, reliable methods have made us a leading New York pest control specialist for over 30 years.

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