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There are many successful businesses in Buffalo, from restaurants to retail stores. As a leading pest control company in New York, we know many of those businesses have to deal with unwanted pests at one time or another.

At Pestech, we specialize in long-term pest control solutions that are safe, effective and reliable. We deal with pests in a way that is respectful of both your business and the environment.

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Local Pest Control Services in Buffalo, NY

When you contact Pestech for pest management services, we will first explore what type of pest problem you have in your commercial facility. We have frequently taken care of Buffalo pests such as:

  • Cockroaches: The American cockroach is a bane to restaurants, grocery stores and other food establishments. These insects love to live where there is easy access to food. Even one cockroach could be enough to lose customers. If you have cockroaches, turn to Pestech roach control.
  • Rodents: Mice and rats love to nest in food service businesses, warehouses, retail stores and other commercial facilities. They seek warm places with accessible food sources and can spread disease. We offer smart rodent control strategies that are minimally disruptive, without the use of poison or traps.
  • Flies: Flies distract clientele and spread disease, especially in food service establishments by landing on food. Fortunately, Pestech has safe, reliable fly control solutions.
  • Wildlife: Raccoons can tear up your trash and potentially spread rabies. If you need a humane way to prevent unwanted wildlife from coming near your business, contact Pestech for wildlife control.

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