Got Mice? When to Call an Exterminator

By Pestech Pest Solutions

Eek! A mouse in the house! As the weather gets colder, mice start looking for warm places to stay, including homes and businesses. Spot the signs of a mouse infestation and act fast. Knowing when to call an exterminator for mice can save you a lot of time, money and headaches.

Mouse: Signs to Look For

Mice can enter your home or business through spaces as small as 1/4 of an inch in diameter — and they’re happy to make more room if needed. Know the five signs to look for:

  • Droppings: One of the most telling signs of a mouse infestation is mice droppings. Droppings range in length from 3-6mm and are generally clustered.
  • Scratching: Mice travel and nest in walls and ceilings, tearing through insulation. They’re not always quiet about it. Scratching sounds in the walls can be a sign of mice.
  • Damage: Mice build nests out of anything. Wires, insulation, drywall and more may bear signs of mouse damage.
  • Food: Mice will destroy your pantry. Mice are vectors for disease and can contaminate your food. Look for damaged food packaging as a sign of mice.
  • Mice: Seeing is believing. If you see a mouse, living or dead, you most certainly have more.

Call a pest control company at the FIRST sign of a mouse in your home or business.

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What Happens if I Don’t Call Right Away?

Mouse infestations only grow in severity over time. Mice present many dangers if left undisturbed. They’ll continue to root through your food, urinate and defecate in your walls and cause damage to your property.

Mice damage will continue as mice breed and spread throughout your home, business and outbuildings. Mice reproduce quickly and breed year-round. A single female can have up to 10 litters per year, each with up to 14 young. Complete removal of a mouse infestation requires an exterminator to achieve full population control.

While a mouse control program from Pestech is affordable, a mice infestation can get expensive. Homeowners insurance typically won’t cover property damage caused by mice. That means the longer you let an infestation go, the more out-of-pocket expenses you’ll create.

Stop the problem early. Call an exterminator immediately if you see any evidence of mice.

Call an Exterminator at the First Sign of Mice

When mice move in, time is of the essence. Mice carry many diseases that can make you, your family and your pets sick. If you think you have a mouse infestation, contact us! We’ll have one of our professional Pestechnicians come out to your home or business for an inspection.

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