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Our solutions take an integrated pest management approach to reduce pest populations and prevent pest infestations. When looking for reliable pest solutions for your home or business in Utica, New York, choose Pestech! Our local business has been trusted for over 30 years.

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Residential Pest Control in Utica, NY

Our residential pest control solutions start with a home inspection. Our team will thoroughly inspect your property for potential pest entry points and put preventative measures in place to reduce pest populations based on what may threaten your home. Proactive procedures safeguard against future infestations of various pests and the property damage unwanted guests incur — minimizing future repair costs and extreme pest removal measures.

Our Healthy Home Program– ongoing pest management approach -means that your home and your family will be protected from pests during all four seasons.

Pestech is one of the most environmentally conscious pest control companies in New York. With regular pest control maintenance, you’ll use fewer pest control products — keeping your family’s environment safe.

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Pest Control for Businesses in Utica, NY

Utica offers the best of all worlds for business owners in New York. Utica’s education, retail, hospitality, health care and the food industry are bustling. Businesses are not the only flourishing factor in Utica, as the area’s warmer climate and high humidity make it a prime location for insects and rodents to thrive, too.

Pestech takes care of various pests so you can focus on your core business. We use innovative pest control solutions and an online platform to inform you of all our preventative measures. Our long-term treatments are transparent and safe.

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Specialized Industry Pest Solutions

Pests can find ample food, water and shelter at educational facilities, and they can also spread diseases and damage property. Keep students, staff, visitors and your property healthy with Pestech’s robust pest control services for education facilities. We’ll eliminate any invasions in the most environmentally friendly way possible and safeguard your facility from future pesky trespassers.

The Utica food industry is especially vulnerable to pest infestations, such as rodents looking for a snack. Pestech offers comprehensive protection to food processing plants, grocery stores, food warehouses and restaurants. We can provide risk assessments, inspections and maintenance services suitable for any government agency that oversees your operations.

Meet audit requirements and government regulations with ease. Pestech’s customized pest control plan is perfect for environments where sterility and cleanliness are paramount. Our services will safeguard your patients, visitors and staff from pests in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and assisted living centers.

Let’s ensure you don’t cater to unwanted guests like rodents, bed bugs and cockroaches by swiftly checking them out of your hotel, conference center, lodge or resort. We can also keep them from checking in again. Avoid pests from disturbing your employees and customers and harming your facility with our routine maintenance services.

Pass any inspection seamlessly by proactively dealing with pest problems. Rodents, flies and cockroaches are commonly found in retail and corporate environments and can spread diseases. Rodents can also harm property severely — damaging insulation and electrical wires. Side-step these problems with Pestech’s tailored plans for businesses.

Safeguard your multifamily homes, apartment complexes, rental properties and tenants from infestations and future pest problems with Pestech’s comprehensive pest control plans, ensuring you pass inspections and keep your properties infestation-free.

Join Hands With Pestech in Utica, NY

Pestech’s comprehensive pest control services ensure your home or facility is pest-free. With routine inspections and maintenance, we’ll help you stay free from infestation no matter what pest is bugging you — offering a sustainable pest control solution. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you’re not perfectly pleased with our services, we’ll get the job done to your satisfaction — making us the best bet for pest control in Utica.

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