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Our local pest management solutions take an IPM approach to reduce pest populations and prevent pest investations.

When you’re looking for reliable pest solutions for your home or business in Utica, NY, choose Pestech! Our family-owned business has been trusted for over 30 years.

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Pest Control for Homes in Utica, NY

Our residential pest control solutions start with a home inspection. Our team will thoroughly inspect your home for potential pest entry points and put preventative measures in place to reduce pest populations based on what may be threatening your home.

Our Healthy Home Program– ongoing pest management approach -means that your home and your family will be protected from pests during all four seasons.

Pestech is one of the most environmentally conscious pest control companies in New York. With regular pest control maintenance, fewer products will need to be used- keeping your family’s environment safe.

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Pest Control for Businesses in Utica, NY

Utica offers the best of all worlds for business owners in New York. Whether you’re in education, retail, hospitality, health care or the food industry, Utica is surrounded by sports, transportation, wetlands and outdoor views that attract customers in droves.

While Utica has a continental climate, warmer seasons with high humidity make this location a prime territory for insects, rodents and other pests. Many times, these pests will climb or chew their way into your commercial  and pose a threat to workers, students, patients and more.

For workplace infestations, work with Pestech for long-term solutions.

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Specialized Industry Pest Solutions

School districts are perfect locations for pess to infiltrate. These environments offer a source of food, water and shelter with plenty of places to hide. Pestech handles pest control across schools in the Batavia areas to keep students and staff safe from disease. Whether children are outside with ticks and mosquitoes or ants storm their way through the halls, Pestech has you covered.

Food service locations are a huge target for pests hungry for a snack. An infestation within a grocery store, restaurant or distribution center damages reputations, compromises safety and harms products. Pestech protects your business at the first sight of a pest with risk assessments, inspections and more to keep you up to date with industry regulations.

Pestech understands that cleanliness and sterility are a top priority for the health care industry. Hospitals and health facilities are no place for insects and rodents, as pests can threaten pharmaceutical and regulatory compliance. Our services help to protect patients, staff and visitors from illnesses spread by pests.

Bugs and rodents check in, but Pestech makes sure they check out. Allow us to control and eliminate pests in your hotel within our 24-hour response time. Hotel, lodges, conference centers and resorts stay pest-free with Pestech routine maintenance.

Keep tricky pests out of your valuable stock! Insects and rodents access a number of entry points in your building if you ignore the issue for too long. We knock out pests for your customers through regular inspections, prevention tactics and fumigation.

Pestech Pest technicians cater to apartment complexes, multifamily homes and rental properties. If one tenant experiences a pest problem in their living space, you can guarantee the infestation will spread to adjacent locations. Remember that Pestech has been evicting unwanted tenants since 1989.

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