Summer Pests

Summer Pests and How to Control Them

As the summer season nears, we all think of sunny days, warmer temps and more time spent outside. But these warmer months are also more enticing to many different types of pests, and you’ll likely notice more of them around during the summer. Many of these pests can really put a damper on your summer enjoyment. If you want to know how to control summer pests and keep the nuisance to a minimum, discover our top pest control tips on handling these most common summer pests below.

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Summer Pests

One of the most common and annoying summer pests, the mosquito likes warmer summer temperatures and tends to gather around areas of standing water, like kiddie pools and puddles. Mosquito bites can be painful and itchy on their own, but mosquitoes are capable of transmitting dangerous diseases, too, so you’ll definitely want to keep them under control.


There are hundreds of different types of ants, with different species native to certain areas of the country. Many of them don’t bite, though you’ll still want to take care of them quickly. Ants may try to set up camp in your home and cause structural damage, contaminate food and water or come after any crumbs or pet food dishes on the floor.

These blood-sucking bugs attach onto a host — a human, pet or wild animal — and hang on as long as they can, sometimes burrowing into the skin, where they may carry and spread illnesses like Lyme disease. Preventing tick infestations is essential for summer safety, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

Termites tend to be highly active in the spring and ramp up their numbers throughout the summer. A termite infestation can spread quickly throughout your property and lead to extensive structural damage. Get professional help at the first signs of termites in your home.

Aside from being annoying, many species of flies such as fruit flies and houseflies can also spread disease and make anything they land on unsanitary. Fly pest control can offer a comprehensive inspection and prevent flies from getting into your home.

Stinging Insects

During the late summer, stinging insects like wasps, hornets and yellow jackets are more active, searching for enough food to feed the hive and store for the colder season ahead. This increase in activity means you’ll be more likely to come in contact with these annoying pests. Due to the possibility of painful or dangerous stings, it’s always best to let the professionals take care of stinging insects.

How to Manage and Prevent Summer Pests

While these common pests in the summer use various methods to get into your property or home, there are a few things you can do to keep them at bay:

  • Seal up any holes or gaps: If you have any spaces where bugs can enter, such as a gap by a window or a hole in a screen door, seal them up or replace the material. These gaps are prime entry points for pests like ants, mosquitos and flies, which may enter your home in search of food or a cool space or by accident.
  • Close doors and windows when not in use: Make sure you’re closing doors and any windows without screens. It might be tempting to leave all the windows or a big door open on a nice day, but it gives pests an easy route in. Consider adding walk-through screen flaps if you have a space where you’d like to keep a door open. Make sure your screens are effective, too. If the spaces are too large or there are holes in the screen, they may be letting pests in anyway.
  • Keep your home clean: Be sure to pick up any food crumbs, and don’t leave food or garbage out. Ants and flies are attracted to food, and flies can quickly gather around decomposing material in your garbage. Pay special attention to pet food bowls, and either clean the bowls thoroughly between feedings or remove any entry points for ants nearby.
  • Keep your yard groomed: Mosquitos love standing water, so empty out the kiddie pool between uses and clean out the bird bath regularly. If you can, try to address areas where puddles and rainwater accumulate, such as on a pool cover. Another pest that likes poor lawn care is the tick. Mow the lawn regularly, clean lawn debris and keep outdoor gathering areas, like seating, away from more heavily wooded areas. It also helps to wear long, protective clothing to keep the ticks from getting to you.
  • Conduct tick checks: If you find a tick on a family member or pet, check everyone else in case there are more. Ticks can be difficult to remove, but they often move on their own from person to person or pet to person. Check every member of the family, especially after outings where ticks are more likely, such as a hiking trip or yardwork in an area with dense vegetation.
  • Inspect wood structures: If you see a termite, quickly inspect the wooden components of your home. Look for deterioration, damage, warped surfaces or peeling paint. You may also find old wings or droppings in these areas. Reach out to a professional immediately if you spot signs of termites.
  • Watch for hives: There are some areas of the house where hives are more likely to appear, such as in eaves and underneath decks. While you’ll likely find them when you start seeing stinging insects around the area, you can also stay a step ahead and check for them now and then as you walk by. Remember, these insects can be dangerous, especially if someone in the house has allergies, so make sure you work with professionals for bee and wasp control.

There are some simple steps you can take to avoid letting pests in, but sometimes, they’re particularly troublesome. For those cases, there’s the pest control experts from Pestech.

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Protect Your Home From Summer Pests With Pestech

Protect Your Home From Summer Pests With Pestech

Summer pests can be a nuisance, but you can protect yourself, your family, pets and home with help from Pestech. Our expert staff provides residential pest control services for all sorts of pests and wildlife that can threaten your home. We can help you solve any summer pest problem, using methods that are safe for your family and pets.

If you are experiencing any type of summer pest problem, contact the pros at Pestech today. We’ll set up an appointment for one of our technicians to inspect your issue and find the right solution to get rid of your pests and keep your home safe.

Year-Round Pests

Pests may be a year-round problem, but at Pestech, we offer year-round solutions. Keep an eye out for these rodents or insects that may sneak into your property in any season.

You might transport bed bugs into your home or business through luggage, shipping equipment or secondhand furniture. These pests gravitate toward mattresses, carpets and fabrics, and they’re most active in the middle of the night. They can live for a long time without feeding, and they can usually survive all year long.

These bugs like to hide in quiet places, so you might not notice them right away on your property. Check the cardboard boxes and window moldings around your home or business to see if you can catch any. Spiders eat flies and mosquitoes, so they might be helpful to have on your property. However, they also breed quickly, and some species are also poisonous.

Rats and mice are active all year long, but they breed in the spring and fall. These pests carry diseases and contaminants that could harm your home or business. They also deposit waste throughout your property and chew through wires, causing dangerous damage.