German Cockroach vs. Water Bug: How to Tell the Difference

German Cockroach vs. Water Bug: How to Tell the Difference

By WebFX Dev

German Cockroach vs. Water Bug: How to Tell the Difference

By WebFX Dev German Cockroach vs. Water Bug

When you notice an insect in your home, you usually don’t have the time or extensive knowledge to identify it. Your first reaction may be to get rid of it. When you do spot a bug in your home — especially if it’s something that looks like a water bug — it’s essential to get […]

Pest Prevention for Homes With Pets

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Keeping your pet safe can be a complex operation. While you’ve opened your heart and home to them and made them a part of your family, there are other creatures that you’d much rather stay away. This article will help you identify which pests are dangerous and which are simply nuisances, as well as how […]

Most Common School Pest Infestations

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Parents depend on schools to be safe, engaging places for their children to learn and grow. This means providing good teachers and challenging coursework — it also means keeping the building safe and clean. Just because schools are a place of learning doesn’t mean they’re immune to infestations. The social atmosphere also makes it easier for students […]

Cockroach Prevention Tips

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Cockroach infestations are frustrating to deal with and notoriously difficult to handle on your own. Yet, every year, these annoying pests find their way into homes and businesses across the country. If you’re dealing with cockroaches, you’re definitely not alone, but it is important to get this issue taken care of as soon as possible. […]

Allergies Caused by Pests

By WebFX Dev Pest Allergies

Pests carry bacteria as they travel from one property to another. You might be familiar with the bites and bumps caused by mosquitoes and stinging insects, but can you be allergic to pests? And how do pests cause allergies? Some rodents and insects have chemicals and proteins in their skin, saliva and dander that lead […]

Known Diseases Carried by NY Pests

By Pestech Pest Solutions Known Diseases Carried by NY Pests

Having pests in your home is annoying, but pest infestations can also cause problems beyond annoyance. Some pests are known to carry diseases that can spread to humans, so promptly managing your pest problem is essential to your health. In this guide, we’ll discuss some common NY pest diseases, what signs to look out for and how […]

Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs in Clothes

By Pestech Pest Solutions

You may have stumbled across this blog because you’ve seen a cockroach egg and are looking for answers, or you may simply be curious about the little pests. More specifically, you may be wondering if roaches lay eggs in your clothes. We’re here to give you an informed answer and also to let you know […]