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By Pestech Pest Solutions

If you’ve discovered or suspect a mice infestation in your home or business, it’s critical to take action immediately. Mice can cause expensive damage to your structure, lead to serious illnesses or cause a fire. Even seeing one mouse in your home may mean there are many more nearby. Sometimes, DIY pest control for mice is not enough to see results. To protect yourself, your family and your assets, call a mice pest control service.

Pestech Pest Solutions is a family-owned rodent pest control company serving the Hudson Valley, New York, region. At Pestech Pest Solutions, we care about your safety and needs, and we’re ready to solve your pest problem no matter how challenging it seems. If you’ve found mice or other pests in your home, you don’t have to deal with the problem alone. Please call us today to schedule an inspection or contact us online to learn more about our pest management services.

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