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One of the most damaging enemies of gardens and flowerbeds, stink bugs are as unwelcome in your garden as they are in your home. During the winter, stink bugs migrate indoors, away from the cold, to make their nests in residential homes and even commercial businesses.

Once inside, stink bugs can cause a variety of problems for a building, including persistent odor and congregations that amass near light fixtures. With a life span of nearly three months, stink bugs are prone to frequent reproduction and can produce offspring in the hundreds over the course of their lives. When you find even a single stink bug in your home, it’s a clear sign that you’re going to need stink bug control and removal.

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About Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are easily confused with other common household pests, but unlike these other pests, stink bugs have a tendency to attract natural predators through their unique odor. These other pests may then also take refuge in your home, creating a breeding ground for more and more insects. The best way to check for stink bugs in your home is to examine your doorframes and window sills, which are the most common pathways into your home for these uninvited guests. Pestech professionals will often search these spaces first when entering a home for stink bug control and removal.

Tackle Stink Bugs Right Away

Stink bugs are prolific in their reproduction and an infestation can come on suddenly. As a precaution, it’s best to have a Pestech professional inspect your home as the summer months draw to an end and cooler weather sets in. The best way to initiate stink bug control and removal is to tackle the problem before it exists.

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